Fede Out

Fede is a Berlin-based comic artist, cartoonist, street artist, illustrator, scriptwriter, animator and comic editor. He published his first three commissioned works for the “Perfil editorial” team in 2004 (ARG). In the following ten years he worked on film projects, animations, web and graphic designs as well as editorials and lectures. He also worked on various projects, events, individual and collective exhibitions. Fede is the author of “AugeEditions” and has been working since 2010 as the organizer of the annual festival “StreetArteBA” (SABA). In 2015 he presented his comic books “Blablabuto Vol. I and II”, the magazine “Deformofobia 1 2 3” as well as the anthologies of his previous works as a cartoonist.

Sophie Jackson

My name is Sophie Jackson, I was born in  Chile. I have lived in 3 different cities in this long country, lately taking root in Berlin, Germany.
I studied cinema and exercised for several years the art direction and ambient setting. Advertising was my livelihood for several years, and after a labor and existential suffocation, I began to devote myself to drawing. This is how the drawing has been a kind of life diary, or emotional diary where I have found peace and relief.
I had only one show in 2017 at the Grau Malerei gallery in Neukölln, where many people attended and that feeling was overwhelming and beautiful. The exhibition was about several paintings and sculptures inspired by the generation of the 30’s and their relationship with people, loneliness and work. Although the artwork were mine, it was concretized with the support of many people who believe in me. The result was one of the most magical nights of my life.
I am currently experimenting with ceramics and with the tattoo.

Macro Co

Chilean visual artist Macro creates amazing works, from black and white illustrations to complex murals, that highlight the spiritual abilities of humans and fantastic creatures, their connection with nature and other species.
We see the characters wearing masks, symbols and patterns that link to their inner structure, while the black eyes may become a portal or a guide towards higher dimensions of existence, in the mind, where all becomes possible. There is also a feeling of ritual/ ceremonial situations that allow access to unknown realms and greater knowledge, bringing one closer to the universal values and fruitful consciousness.