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Animated Storytelling & 3D Books


Soon all the books in the world will have an augmented component.
You can experience the future today! We are the first publishers in Berlin to promote augmented books.

If you see this logo in one of our books, it contains animations and 3D drawings that you can see through your smartphone.
Not on the phone, but on the book itself!

Our books

About us

What does AUGE means?

        In German it means eye,
          in Spanish means boom,
            but at the same time, AUto GEstión means self management,
              which in German means selbstverwaltung.

We are a publishing house based in Berlin. We print and distribute books, artbooks, comicbooks, picture books, photos, poetry, text, etc.

For us the big deal is the durability, resistance, permanence of our material. In a world of volatile information, where objects are produced to be disposable. Paper and disposable books are printed by tons, no image seems to stay more than five seconds in the cache of your cell phone. To reinforce book culture and it’s collecting is to stand in front of this rotation of mediatic information. That is why we use the best materials to ensure the durability of our art. Each step we take is a decision made regarding the quality of the final result.
You will not find our books falling apart after a few days of purchase.


Every book is the result of an eternal search for human soul, bonding ancestral wisdom, hardworking, perspective, vision, fantasy, imaginary, testimony, witness, the culmination of a cultural storytelling. History. Memory. Identity.